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EMPYREAN End of Life Doula and Consulting is a service business owned by Christine Bailor-Goodlander, RN, LMT, CEOLD. As a long-time Registered Nurse and Licensed and Nationally Board -Certified Massage Therapist, Christine decided to combine her skills to provide care for those looking to live well through preparation decision making for the next phase of their life.

What Is an End -Of- Life Doula?

A death midwife, or death doula, is a person who assists in the dying process, much like a midwife or doula does with the birthing process. It is often a community -based role, aiming to help families cope with death through recognizing it as a natural and important part of life. An end-of-life doula guides a person who is transitioning to death and their loved ones through the dying process. Learn More

What Is Legacy Work?

Legacy writing is form of documenting shared moments, experiences, connections, and values that are special to you and your loved ones. It’s an opportunity for you to tell your story, through your lens.

What Happens After the Death?

Following the death, the EOL doula will help loved ones reprocess the dying experience through one or more sessions. The focus of these sessions will be to uncover recurring images, sounds, or other experiences, as well as things said or not said, things not done, or wishes unmet. The EOL doulas will try to reframe those experiences that have negative emotional content. The EOL doulas will also share their experiences of the more positive and touching moments they witnessed to help loved ones hold on to those moments as well. The EOL doula will discuss the nature of bereavement and encourage the processing of some of the emotion grief evokes. The EOL doula will also refer loved ones to bereavement services available.

What Is a Care Consultant?

Care Consultant – Is a professional that is specially trained to help another person through all aspects of Advanced Care Planning. Helping patients with subjective information to make informed choices.

What Is a Vigil Plan?

The EOL doula will help the dying person and loved ones plan for their wishes during the last days of life. This involves reviewing and explaining the choices they have in where they want to die, how the space is set up around them; the kinds of interaction they want with loved ones, caregivers, and others; as well as the kind of sounds, reading, smells, light, and touch they would find comforting and helpful as they go through the dying process. If there is conflict in the wishes of the dying person and their loved ones, the doula will advocate for the primacy of the dying person’s wishes and also explore ways to support the loved ones. When the dying person is in the last days of life – the time we refer to as the “vigil” – the EOL doula will attend to them and those around them in ways that reflect their wishes and the need for doula presence. The primary focus of the EOL doula in this stage is maintaining and advocating for the spirit of a plan they had worked out beforehand. If no such planning work occurred prior to the EOL doula involvement, the EOL doula will work on the choices and options with those involved as the vigil begins. The EOL doula will do what they can to hold the space for the choices about the atmosphere and the wishes of all involved The EOL doula will use sound, readings, touch, guided imagery, and ritual to deepen the sense of meaning and bring greater comfort to everyone involved.


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